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The kit for families

The KIT FOR FAMILIES is aimed at all families irrespective of their cultural or socio-economic background, composition, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or nationality and has been created to:

  • Help parents and other family members and caregivers to understand children’s sexual development

  • Support them in affective and sexual education

  • Provide them with skills, knowledge and tools to prevent sexual abuse from an early age or to eventually recognize it


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The tales

Books are a great tool for teaching young children. Reading stimulates children’s imagination and creativity by making them more interested in the things around them.

These two tales, aimed at 4- and 5-year olds, are developed for the prevention of child sexual abuse. They incorporate sexual education contents with a health promotion perspective.

The main characters of these two stories are Leo and Sara, and together with them, we will be able to discover different ways of loving, to get to know new feelings and to set limits to those actions that do not make us feel comfortable.

At the end of the books you will find a didactic guide that will provide ideas for parents and teachers on how to deal with issues that arise during the reading of the story.

Tale 1 Tale 2

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The visuals

The visual materials come in response to the current scenario of ignorance and false beliefs regarding child sexual abuse, its tackling, and sexual education at an early age. Taking into account the opposition that still exists around it, the project has designed this material with the purpose of overcoming the initial reluctance to implement a prevention programme, as well as reinforcing key messages and making them visible.

The tools from the awareness kit can be used in advance or in combination with the rest of the materials, reinforcing their key messages.

Call it by its name Don't let anyone Let me say no! Hug Let me say no! Kiss Parts of body (Leo) Parts of body (Sara) Age and Sexual education