Children's rights, UP!

Children's rights, UP! Preventing child sexual abuse through the promotion of key competences and healthy behaviours in young children from all cultures (CRUP) is a programme for 4 and 5 years olds, their teachers and their families that aims to prevent Child Sexual Abuse from an early age.

CRUP takes into account the different cultural, religious and social sensitivities in Europe.


By developing the following downloadable materials for the benefit of anyone interested in implementing the project.


    A Guide for early childhood teachers

  2. TALES

    Two tales for preschoolers, teachers and families


    An online training course for early childhood teachers


    Prevention materials for families of preschoolers


    Visual materials to disseminate the prevention program

Council of Europe, 2011

Child sexual abuse is a form of child maltreatment that affects one in five children in Europe

Children who have suffered sexual abuse are more likely to have social, emotional, behavioural and physical severe difficulties that can affect their life.

But, contrary to what many people might think, child sexual abuse can be prevented.

Several studies have argued that teaching children on sexual education from a young age has positive effects and can reduce the rate of sexual abuse by half.

This program is meant to

  • Offer information and tips for preschool teachers that can help them prevent and deal with child sexual abuse from their classroom.

  • Provide tools for families of preschool children for the promotion of children well-being and the prevention of sexual abuse.

  • Offer tools for teachers and families for a respectful, healthy and inclusive sexual education from early ages.